Review of “My Beloved World” by Sonia Sotomayor

Although I do not have any special interest in law, “My Beloved World” was still a great read for me, and could be for anyone interested in how a very accomplished person got to where she is, especially as a woman and racial minority. Using stories from her childhood and adulthood, Sotomayor describes her journey to the Supreme Court, starting from the projects in the Bronx and navigating through her college years and her early days as a prosecutor and judge. Continue reading Review of “My Beloved World” by Sonia Sotomayor

My Favorite Classroom Activities for Teaching English

Since I am only teaching conversation classes at Pamukkale, I have the freedom to try creative activities in the classroom, which is sometimes great to be able to try new things, but it can also be challenging when you’re unsure of how well something will actually work. With each lesson, my goals are to 1) make class fun for the students and for myself, 2) create opportunities for students to practice speaking, and 3) make students feel comfortable speaking in front of the class. It’s challenging to meet all three goals with each lesson, mostly because with so many students in each class (generally around 20) and with only 45 minutes, it’s not realistic to expect that everyone will have a chance to speak at length. I often find that the activities that are the most fun don’t give the class much of a chance to speak, or that the activities that require more speaking aren’t as fun. But, I try my best, and at the very least the class can listen to me talk (I sometimes hear them repeating phrases that I’ve just said when it’s something they haven’t heard before). To give an idea of some of the activities that I’ve used, here are a few of my favorites that have worked really well: Continue reading My Favorite Classroom Activities for Teaching English