Foggy San Francisco Day Outfit

The (only) downside to living in San Francisco is the unpredictable weather–which often means foggy summers. This summer was typical, with foggy and misty mornings and evenings, with little bits of sunshine in the afternoons. While most of the country is wanting a break from the heat, I’m busting out the sweaters…




I love this sweater from Maison Jules–the lace detail at the bottom gives it a feminine touch. It’s also light enough to wear in slightly warmer weather. I’ve even worn it with shorts on a cool summer day.

Thankfully, the sun has come back to San Francisco, and now that it’s officially Fall, it’s hitting 80 degrees here 🙂

So many reasons to love Modcloth!

To everyone around me, it’s no secret at all that I adore Modcloth. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve started shopping at Modcloth, and I’m still going strong. Not only do they have adorable, quirky, unique clothes for reasonable prices, but they also are committed to celebrating women of all body shapes, sizes, and races. Above all, they really aim to empower their customers to be true to themselves.


The Modcloth Style Gallery  allows users to submit their own outfit photos, showcasing a number of different personal styles, body sizes, races, and lifestyles. Every so often, a frequent Style Gallery poster will be highlighted in an interview for the blog, like this recent travel post of Sumeyye, and this #Fashiontruth post of Rye. What I love about the Style Gallery and the blog series is that they celebrate people being authentic to themselves, and how their personal style is a part of that.

Another really cool, empowering feature of Modcloth is their Hot Tub Round Table series, which features Modcloth founder Susan Koger having personal conversations with other women on topics such as body image and empowering young women. How cool is that?? Especially coming from a clothing company. What an important role model!

I spent 2 years volunteering for a San Francisco-based non-profit called About-Face, which does media literacy workshops to help young women and girls understand and resist harmful media messages that so often affect their self-esteem. Each year About-Face holds a fundraising event called the Embody Awards, which honors individuals or companies that are a positive role model for young women and girls in the media. This year, Susan Koger of Modcloth was an Embody Award recipient! How appropriate 🙂

I literally have dozens of items from Modcloth by now, so I’ll be posting more outfits soon 🙂

Simple Wool Knit Beanie

Almost immediately after finishing the chain link slouch beanie, I decided to knit a hat for my brother’s birthday. He’s not much into fashion and likes only wearing very simple things, so I tried to find a very basic hat with no “fancy” stitches that would be too much for him 🙂

I chose this lettuce knit bulky hat from Love Knitting. This was a quick knit, and I finished knitting everything except the the very end on a cross-country plane trip:


I didn’t have scissors or my darning needle with me on the plane (obviously!), so I quickly finished this after I got home:

Finished product!
Finished product!

The yarn I used was Rowan Big Wool (100% Merino Wool) purchased from Imagiknit in San Francisco. I used US 13 16in circular needles, and US 13 double-pointed needles to shape the crown.

This uses the stockinette stitch all the way through, so it is easy to do fairly mindlessly. Without a brim, the end rolls up a bit.

Next up, bootcuffs! 🙂