CEDAW adopted locally in San Francisco!

As someone who has been interested in local and global feminist issues for a number of years now, I have heard much about how CEDAW (the United Nations Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) has been ratified in 187 of 194 UN member states, and the US is not one of them. Even Afghanistan, with questionable allegiance to securing women’s rights post-9/11, ratified CEDAW. Continue reading CEDAW adopted locally in San Francisco!

Archived: Preventing Domestic Violence

**Note: I recently sorted through some old blog posts that I either never posted, or that were posted on an old blog. So I will be adding a few here just to have them all in one place. Enjoy!***

July 21, 2012:¬†Over the last several months, I have become increasingly interested in understanding how to prevent domestic violence, and teen dating violence in particular. I actually interviewed with a domestic violence organization for a position that dealt specifically with implementing prevention programs in the area–one with a group of young men at a local high school, and one with a fraternity at the local university. I was really enthusiastic about the prevention program, knowing that many unhealthy relationship patterns are learned at home, thus we cannot always assume that parents will set good relationship examples for their kids. Continue reading Archived: Preventing Domestic Violence

Inspired by Malala: Local Muslim Women Discuss Activism, Community, and Islamophobia

Earlier this evening at an event hosted by the International Museum of Women, and held at San Francisco’s World Affairs Council, four Muslim women from the Bay area discussed their experiences as Muslim women in the US in a post-9/11 world, in a time where a young girl (Malala Yousafzai) has become a symbol for the strength of Muslim women and girls. Continue reading Inspired by Malala: Local Muslim Women Discuss Activism, Community, and Islamophobia