Simple Wool Knit Beanie

Almost immediately after finishing the chain link slouch beanie, I decided to knit a hat for my brother’s birthday. He’s not much into fashion and likes only wearing very simple things, so I tried to find a very basic hat with no “fancy” stitches that would be too much for him 🙂

I chose this lettuce knit bulky hat from Love Knitting. This was a quick knit, and I finished knitting everything except the the very end on a cross-country plane trip:


I didn’t have scissors or my darning needle with me on the plane (obviously!), so I quickly finished this after I got home:

Finished product!
Finished product!

The yarn I used was Rowan Big Wool (100% Merino Wool) purchased from Imagiknit in San Francisco. I used US 13 16in circular needles, and US 13 double-pointed needles to shape the crown.

This uses the stockinette stitch all the way through, so it is easy to do fairly mindlessly. Without a brim, the end rolls up a bit.

Next up, bootcuffs! 🙂

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