Highlands Wrap Dress by Allie Olsen

I loved this pattern so much that I just had to make two 🙂

The first version I made was a short-sleeved maxi, using a lightweight cotton from Sew Over It. They have the best fabric!

I love the side slits on this dress and the buttons that fasten on the side so it’s not just the ties that hold it together. Perfect summer dress!

This version was mostly smooth sailing, but the waist band for the elastic ended up a little bit more narrow than it should have been, so I had to use a more narrow elastic band so it’d fit in.

I also had a little trouble matching up the side seams of the front and back pieces with the waist band since it was my first time working with elastic, and there’s a little piece of the seam sticking out on one side :/

Yellow short-sleeved maxi :)
Yellow short-sleeved maxi 🙂

The second version I made was a sleeveless midi version, with another lightweight cotton from Sew Over It.

Had no trouble with the waist band this time, woo! I was even able to make the waist slightly more fitted than the previous version I’d made, so the neckline fits a little more snugly and I think is more flattering on me.

Where I did have trouble was with the armbands! I was really trying to rush and get it done so felt really frustrated when I couldn’t get it right. I ended up with armbands that look more like ruffle sleeves. I was annoyed at first but actually think it looks pretty cute as is. Oh well!

Sleeveless midi version
Sleeveless midi version

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