Simple Knit Bootcuffs

Medium-weight yarn with US 10.5 needles
Medium-weight yarn with US 10.5 needles

I started learning to knit a few months ago, and now I’m totally hooked! I’ve mostly learned from various Youtube videos, but may take a formal class at some point if I’m looking to improve something specific. I’m gradually learning new stitches and making new things. I’m by no means an expert, so feel free to make suggestions if you can think of something.

I’d been wanting to buy some cute bootcuffs for a while, but once I started knitting I decided to try making my own. I came up with my own pattern based on how I wanted it to look, so here it is!

For these bootcuffs, you’ll only need to know how to do a stockinette stitch and a rib stitch. Once you get the hang of it, it will only take a few hours for each one.

I’ve made these bootcuffs with both a medium-weight yarn and a chunky yarn, and they both look great. With the chunky yarn though, you just have to make sure that the boots you wear them with are wide enough to fit the bootcuffs.

Here’s how I made them:


  • 1-2 skeins of yarn
  • 2 straight needles
  • darning needles to sew the seams together and weave in the ends


  • Cast on 36 stitches (this will give it a snug fit–use more for a looser fit and fewer for a chunkier yarn). The number of stitches should be a multiple of four because of the rib stitch.
  • Rib stitch for 7 rows: k2, p2
  • Stockinette stitch for 11 rows: k, p (alternating rows, ending on knit row)
  • Rib stitch for 7 rows: k2, p2
  • Cast off
  • Sew the seams together using a darning needle
  • Weave in the ends

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